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Jean-François Lappas

Jean-François Lappas, Upnotch Member, started his professional career with 14 years in Marketing and Communications at a large multinational organization. Last year, however, he decided to quit his high-paying corporate job to deal with a long-simmering burnout and reassess his priorities.

He is currently leveraging the knowledge and skills he acquired during his career - as well as his recent professional coaching certification - to work with others as a Purpose Consultant.

His own Purpose, he says, is to help others realize theirs.

Jean-François’ personalized programme thus carefully blends coaching and consulting with the objective of helping people distill complex ideas, emotions, and thoughts to their core essence - allowing them to explore and express these issues to self-realize.

He believes that it’s never too late to start exploring who you truly are and what you aspire to accomplish - and is hoping to find a like-minded mentor to help him grow his business.

He’s looking for his “Yoda” and would love to connect with someone who has started their own business, who is passionate about similar issues, and who has more experience and knowledge in the start-up field than he does.

Download Upnotch on iPhone or Android to connect with Jean-François or contact us. *All mentorships are free.*

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