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23 Top Mentors for 2023

Below is a list of Top 23 outstanding mentors who are currently available on Upnotch. Kick start your new year and book an intro session on Upnotch!


1. Aditya Rajagopalan

Senior Manager, Strategic Programs at Salesforce

Aditya is a strategic program management leader with 15 years of experience. He would be a fantastic mentor to anyone trying to break into the tech industry, anyone who feels stuck and unsure what they want to do or anyone looking for career guidance, resume review and help with interviews.

2. Billie Wright

Leadership Consultant & Performance Coach

Billie is an accomplished Human Resources and operations strategic leader with over 20 years of experience. She loves mentoring and watching people grow. She’d love to mentor a middle manager looking to grow their career, ideally someone from a minority background.

3. Chuck Marcouiller

VP of Revenue Enablement at FreightWaves

Chuck is an absolute master of sales and has built out world-class field enablement programs to give sales, marketing, and customer success teams the right skills, knowledge, processes, and tools to maximize growth and employee success. He’d be an incredible mentor for entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations looking to build or scale their revenue teams.

4. Colin Etheridge

CEO at North America at Talent International

Colin is an experienced staffing professional with over 20 years of experience in the IT, digital, and data space. He is passionate about developing people and loves building holistic human connections and seeing people grow and reach their goals. He’d be a fantastic mentor to anyone looking for career advice and guidance, or anyone moving to a new country and looking for support.

5. David Sarjantson

Global Technology Strategy Leader at Microsoft

David is a brilliant product expert and technology leader with experience in engineering, business development, product management, product marketing, and customer success. He has global leadership experience and is passionate about building teams. He'd be a fantastic mentor to anyone in a leadership role trying to grow their career.

6. Durgesh Kalya

OT Security/Network Expert at Covestro

Durgesh is a brilliant leader in security. He has extensive hands-on knowledge of information security domains covering network systems and security, security, and risk management, asset security and endpoint security, and incident response. He’d be an incredible mentor to any professional in security looking to grow their career.

7. Elaina Dulaney

Director of Communications at Microsoft

She has had great mentors throughout her career and is keen to pay it forward. She’d love to mentor entrepreneurs or executives looking for guidance regarding communication, PR, or social media. She particularly loves working with communications professionals who are new in their careers or women who are looking to get back into the workforce.

8. Erick Watson

Senior Product Manager at Google

Erick has a wealth of experience in Product Development, Leadership & Strategy. He’s a passionate believer in the idea of knowledge sharing and would be an incredible asset to any entrepreneur or executive looking for guidance in Product Development and Leadership.

9. Giorgio Natili

Director of Software Engineering at Capital One

Giorgio’s super is inventing simple solutions to complex problems. He values mentoring and would love to mentor anyone moving to a manager position, transitioning to a more agile style of leadership, or any individual contributor looking for new opportunities and role changes.

10. Jenna Speck

Strategic Account Manager at Thnks

Jenna is a very committed and passionate Account Manager professional. She would love to help anyone trying to get promoted or looking of interview and stress managing advice.

11. Jodie Ruby

VP of Marketing at LXT

Jodie is an experienced global marketing leader known for building and leading high-performing, collaborative marketing teams from the ground up. She loves mentoring and would be an amazing mentor to anyone in tech, marketing, or product who wants to grow and position themselves for advancement.

12. Kristen Fraser

West Coast Bureau Chief at VICE News

Kristin Fraser is a seasoned journalist and television producer, she’s had the chance to tell the stories of thousands of people from around the world. She loves giving back by mentoring and would be a brilliant mentor to anyone in the media industry looking for support and guidance.

13. Lorenzo Pasqualis

SVP of Engineering at Dreambox Learning

Lorenzo has an unwavering passion for creative problem solving and driving change in growing organizations and is also a big advocate for women in tech. He is passionate about mentoring people in their career growth, particularly when it comes to leadership journeys. He would be an incredible mentor for any entrepreneur or executive working in software or technology.

14. Marc Benevenga

Marketing & Business Consultant

Marc is an entrepreneurial marketing and sales professional who has launched several thriving eCommerce based startups. Marc loves mentoring and would be a fantastic mentor to anyone starting their business or interested in entrepreneurship and who doesn't know where to start.

15. Marlon Taylor

Major Accounts Executive at CloudLinux

A brilliant sales leader, Marlon excels at building credibility and trust with clients. He loves mentoring and would be an excellent mentor to anyone in sales, enterprise sales, or in the cloud or software world.

16. Mike Renalds

Territory Client Manager at Blue Altair

Mike is a proven leader in strategic sales & business development. He’s a passionate believer in giving back through mentoring others, he would like to connect with entrepreneurs who are seeking guidance on developing their early-stage start-up and/or go-to-market strategy and in helping anyone with career development best practices to increase their brand & enrich LinkedIn network connections.

17. Minal Merchant

Director of Product Management at Microsoft

Minal’s superpower is people management. She’s successfully managed teams of 250+ people. She loves helping others and would be an incredible mentor to product managers, and people managers, especially supporting women of various ethnicities.

18. Mo Harun

Senior Project Manager at Weill Cornell Medicine

Mo started in the tech industry from the bottom and worked his way up. He’s a passionate leader and would make a fantastic mentor to any young professional trying to grow their career or anyone who needs help getting ready for a job interview.

19. Nancy Martin

Life & Transition Coach, Reclaim and Flourish

Nancy’s passion is to support people who are navigating a big, thorny change - whether they’re on the brink of burnout, have been blind-sighted by a layoff or other difficult loss, or simply want to show up in a more empowered way. She’d love to mentor anyone who is eager to advance, feel more impactful and empowered at work, and feel truly satisfied in their career and overall life.

20. Patti Ringo

Regulatory & Gov't Affairs at Sonic

Patti is a Telecommunications Professional with comprehensive knowledge focused on leadership to drive successful completion of strategic initiatives. She would be an amazing mentor to any woman trying to build their confidence and grow in their role.

21. Peggy Way

Senior HR Manager at Citrix

Peggy is a strategic and collaborative HR leader. She loves mentoring and is passionate about helping, supporting, and encouraging people. She’s very excited to guide others in their career journeys and help them build toolkits in areas including relationship building and communications.

22. Richard Simeone

Commercial Sales Leader at Red Hat

Richard is a brilliant sales leader and has experience managing channel alliances and partnerships networks. He is passionate about people and helping everyone around him succeed. He’d be a wonderful mentor to anyone in IT sales who wants to grow or anyone in a leadership position looking for advice.

23. Stanley McGrady

Chief of Staff, NAM Operations at Schneider Electric

Stanley has held a variety of positions at Schneider Electric - from global supply chain, environmental engineer to sales and marketing roles. He’d love to mentor anyone on career development, business development, people engagement, or customer relationship.

To connect with any of these amazing mentors, download Upnotch, create a profile and find them in 'Members'. They are all passionate about mentoring and eager to help you grow in 2023.

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