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Adriana Pirela

Adriana Pirela, Upnotch Mentor, is a Chief Marketing Officer at Mindvalley with over 20 years of experience in marketing.

She has led high-performance marketing teams, worked across numerous markets, and increased business revenue by developing and executing marketing and corporate communication strategies.

Her greatest achievement is empowering other people and seeing them grow personally and professionally. Adriana has overcome obstacles such as being an immigrant woman in a male-dominated technology industry and smashed the glass ceiling to open doors for women and immigrants.

She believes in creating a rope ladder for all minority groups and surrounding herself with people who complement her knowledge. She prioritizes her family and has managed to have it all by being goal-oriented and working with her team to achieve financial stability.

Adriana would be an excellent mentor to anyone in tech or marketing or anyone looking for leadership advice. She’d particularly love to mentor women.

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