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Alexander Gingold

Updated: Mar 28

Alexander Gingold, Upnotch Member and Head of Sales at TheView.

Alexander Gingold, Upnotch Member, is the Head of Sales at TheView.

With a profound expertise spanning over two decades, Alexander embarked on a dynamic career in sales, marketing, and business development at the age of 18. He has thrived in diverse roles encompassing middle and top management, culminating in 15 years as a C-level executive in various agencies. Recently venturing into an equity partnership, Alexander specializes in business development, management consulting, and guiding leaders towards scalable growth strategies.

His professional acumen encompasses sales consulting, sales direction, and driving sales enablement processes. His forte lies in strategic initiatives, guiding strategies, and steering investor relations in their collaborations with banks, venture capitalists, and angel investors.

Alexander would be an amazing mentor to young entrepreneurs seeking guidance in sales, commercial strategies, sales enablement, and scaling their businesses. He extends his expertise in business development, providing invaluable insights to ambitious founders, aiding in prioritization, maintaining focus, and formulating growth-oriented plans.

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