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Alexandra McCarthy

Alexandra McCarthy, Upnotch Member, is the CEO and Founder of Siberian Polyprenols, a company selling natural supplements containing unique & rare Polyprenols, sustainably sourced from Siberian forests.

Alexandra has always admired ancient oriental and western medicines and she now has more than 15 years of experience working in the natural supplements industry.

Her story begins as she was facing serious health issues and came across a Siberian-sourced golden elixir called “Polyprenols”. That discovery allowed her to pace herself for a naturally slow and steady recovery without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or surgical interventions. Alexandra started her company to share her newfound freedom to heal naturally with others.

She would love to mentor any entrepreneur starting an international business or anyone interested in natural medicines. She is also looking for a mentor for herself, someone to help her with team building as she is looking to hire new people committed to her cause and she knows how challenging it can be.

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