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Ali Mikaeili

Ali Mikaeili, Upnotch Member, is a Prospect Research and Pipeline Specialist at Bow Valley College.

Originally from Iran, Ali moved to Canada in 2021. He has a language-focused background and completed a thesis in 2018. With over a decade in the education sector, he is a passionate and versatile professional, bridging gaps, empowering others, and driving growth.

He excels in data management, communication, and fostering cultural diversity. In his role, he identifies, researches, and analyzes potential partners, contributing to fundraising strategy development. He thrives on helping others and constantly expanding his knowledge. He is currently pursuing a PMP certification.

Ali loves mentoring and would be an amazing mentor for anyone looking for career advice, help with resume review, cover letters, mock interviews, or insight into change and project management. He’d love to help anyone developing data management for fundraising, development activities, or working on engagement strategies with social media.

He is also looking for a mentor himself - a leader, director, or VP-level executive, ideally in education or project management.

To connect with Ali, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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