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Banish Bottlenecks! Find a Mentor

A career bottleneck or plateau can affect anyone at any time for any number of reasons. It's frustrating though because it can be difficult to see how to get past it.

But when facing new, tricky paths, it’s important to seek help - the right help. Turning to friends and family is of course helpful emotionally. But practically? A mentor is much more suited to help guide you through the crossroads you’re facing. They can help make the transition into the next phase of your career seamless.

Why stress and worry over trying to find answers by yourself when you can find a mentor, an experienced advisor, who has probably been exactly where you are before?

Bottlenecks are ubiquitous, they happen in every organization, and at any point in one’s career. Consider two common ones that we might all face at some point...

New Promotion, New Worries

It happens! You finally have the promotion you’ve been dreaming of. You’re a great leader and experienced in your field and you've been rewarded for that. But what happens now?

Dealing with unspoken expectations from your boss can be stressful. A mentor who has been in your position before can help you navigate the early days of your new promotion by sharing the knowledge that you haven't had an opportunity to get yourself.

Mentors can help you take a moment to identify the new expectations you have to deal with, where you're strong, where you might need some extra help, and how to go about getting that help.

Career Plateau

Plateauing is an issue faced when your present is not progressive and your future is inconclusive.

Whether this applies to you in your career or as a leader to your employees, it's dangerous. Stagnation is counterproductive and will hinder growth.

Pursue experienced mentors - for yourself or your employees - and enlist their help in visualizing and accelerating the path to the next big career goal.

Where to Find a Mentor

Ok so you're reason and willing to work with a mentor. But where do you find one? Especially one that has the background and experience necessary to give you the expert advice that you want.

Download Upnotch, tell us a little about yourself and get connected to incredible, experienced, successful individuals who are ready and willing to help.

Get Started

Upnotch can help to deliver powerful, impactful mentorship to individuals and organizations.


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