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Beny Rubinstein

Beny Rubinstein, Upnotch Mentor, is Head of Strategy & Innovation in charge of the Israeli Ecosystem Development at Banco BV, the 5th largest private bank in Brazil.

He has an interesting and international background - originally from Brazil, he lived in Seattle for 13 years before moving to Israel where he currently lives.

Beny has spent the last 20 years working in tech, and was among the first employees to incubate global business development for Microsoft Cloud & AI. He also has experience in the VC world and was an investor on dozens of startups – both in Israel and in Latin America – during a period of 3 years after he successfully raised a fund with key partners/LPs.

He is passionate about startups working towards disrupting industries through Artificial Intelligence and is an expert in helping them scale globally.

Beny loves helping others and would be a fantastic mentor to any entrepreneur looking to grow their business or anyone transitioning from a tech to a strategic role, ideally someone from a minority community given his passion and experience with Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Councils.

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