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Blythe Sather

Looking for a mentor in science & Biotech? Blythe Sather, Upnotch mentor, is breaking ground in the field of health science and immunology. With over 20 years of experience in the field, she is now a Senior Director at Lyell Immunopharma where she focuses on developing cell-based therapies for curing cancer. For Blythe, nothing feels better than knowing your hard work has helped improve or save a life.

She has her sights set on a seat at the C-Suite table as a Chief Scientific Officer and is looking for a mentor who can provide business rationale insights with a scientific twist. With experience in early discovery work through phase I clinical trials during her professional journey, she knows what it takes to prove you’re ready to lead.

With a desire to give back, Blythe would love to mentor any Senior Scientist looking to take on more leadership and responsibility.

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