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Brett Fraser

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Brett Fraser, Upnotch Mentor, is Senior Vice President of Technology at DataPrime, where he helps bridge the gap between Data Science ambition and reality for both the public and private sectors.

Brett has led large enterprise AI, automation, and software development teams and has developed large-scale enablement programs for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

As COO of JOLT Advantage Group, Brett took the helm of the Ops team in April of 2020 and helped turn the company into an M&A target within 18 months. He did this primarily through sales enablement, partner management, DevSecOps refinement, and channel target support.

Brett is passionate about team building and process improvement through analysis, encouragement, and follow-through. He is a strong believer in mentoring and would love to mentor any entrepreneur trying to scale their business.

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