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Charles Sustaita

Charles Sustaita, Upnotch Member, is Director of Customer Support at Coastline Academy, a modern driving school.

A visionary in the realm of Customer Experience and Operations, Charles has cultivated numerous customer service teams across a spectrum of industries and verticals. His forte lies in creating these teams from the ground up, a testament to his transformative leadership.

With an impressive portfolio, Charles has thrived in roles at early-stage Y Combinator (YC) backed startups and industry-leading giants alike.

As the Director of the customer support team, Charles navigates the nexus of technology and service, ensuring seamless experiences for customers. His expertise predominantly spans customer support roles, encompassing a spectrum from individual contributor roles to junior managerial positions all the way to senior leadership.

Charles loves mentoring and would be a wonderful mentor to emerging managers, senior managers aspiring to transition to higher roles, and senior individual contributors yearning for managerial positions.

He is also looking for a mentor himself - a COO, VP or SVP to share experiences and bouncing ideas off of.

To connect with Charles, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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