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Charletta Louis

Charletta Louis, Upnotch Member, is the Chief Data Scientist at Blam Retail, a company that leverages AI to create tailored websites for the convenience store industry.

With a career spanning two decades across diverse sectors such as real estate, technology, security, and SMB domains, Charletta is a seasoned expert who has masterfully guided entrepreneurs through the journey of product-market fit, awareness marketing, strategic partnerships, and fundraising. She is a vital asset for aspiring founders embarking on their startup journey.

She also actively engages as a Pre-Seed investor, working closely with startups on a daily basis. Her extensive network of thousands of investors positions her as a valuable connector, linking entrepreneurs to founders who can help propel their ventures to success.

Charletta loves mentoring and would be a wonderful mentor for startup founders seeking guidance on how to get started, prepare for investors, and navigate the complex landscape of entrepreneurship.

To connect with Charletta, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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