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Chase Eskelsen

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Chase E. Eskelsen M.Ed., Upnotch mentor, is currently Chief of Staff at Verano Learning Partners where they develop innovative learning models and schools as part of a collaborative nationwide network of schools and partners. Chase is passionate about education and has worked for +15 years with a calling to remove barriers to learning and meeting students where they are.

His career in Education/EdTEch has encompassed creating education programs, policy advocacy and board partner relations, and strategy building. Chase admittedly thrives on finding solutions that improve the fiscal, safety, efficiency, and accuracy of everyday tasks.

He is a true believer that one should never stop learning and teaching, and he appreciates the value of mentorship as a means of helping guide others to see the bigger picture. His ideal mentee works in the Education/Ed Tech and policy-making space and is looking to grow from mid-level to upper levels of management. Chase is also interested in finding a mentor, a Chief Operator or Executive Director, to help him beyond his current bearings.

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