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Cheryl Fambles

Cheryl B. Fambles wants to #mentor an entrepreneur or executive who is a fellow person of color intent on building a fulfilling career. Recently awarded WWA’s 2020 Righteous Leader Award, she is a committed and thoughtful mentor who comes from a self-confessed underprivileged background--one that lacked access to many people of color leaders. She wants to work with people who believe that anything is possible when you prepare yourself, take some chances and connect to the right people.

She took up her current position as Chief Executive Officer at Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council in 2012 and is also currently serving as one of seven board of directors for the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank - Seattle Branch. She left an established career in local government and broadened her work experience committed to community collective impact. With her incredible knowledge and experience, Cheryl’s counsel would be a wonderful asset for an #entrepreneur or #executive of color looking to grow themselves or their companies.

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