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Christos Lycos

Christos Lycos, Upnotch Member, is a Commercial Advisor at Plusgrade, a technology company at the forefront of ancillary revenue and merchandising in the global travel industry.

He specializes in corporate development, pricing and revenue strategy, and consulting. With an MBA from McGill University and over 6 years of experience at Air Canada in corporate development and internal consulting roles, Christos has a proven track record of leading successful business cases and providing well-founded recommendations to the CEO and Executive team.

He has experience in new market entries, M&A, and new aircraft acquisition business cases. He is an avid snowboarder and frequent visitor to the French alps, and he is also a scuba diver licensed up to 18m depth.

Christos would be a great mentor for anyone interested in the airline industry or anyone trying to get into consulting or corporate development. He is also looking for a mentor himself - someone who has experience in corporate development and consulting to share knowledge and perspective.

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