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David DeWinter

David DeWinter, Upnotch Member, is the Founder at RowHero, a company with a mission to empower rowers and coaches with the best software to forge their own paths to peak performance.

David is a passionate, self-driven engineering leader with a penchant for customer empathy, solution innovation, and customer delight. A user-experience fanatic, product manager and A-team manager, he focuses on building simple and functional experiences and also listens and works with customers directly, incorporating their feedback into the short and long-term visions for the company.

A tech guy through and through, David was previously a software developer and product manager at Microsoft. He became a competitive rower as an adult and noticed that coaches spent a lot of time inside and outside practice collecting and analyzing performance data. He started with a simple solution, getting feedback from beta users and has now released an iOS and Android app.

A true believer in mentorship, David would love to mentor entrepreneurs and executives in technology or product management. He’s also looking for a mentor for himself to provide guidance on B2B social media strategy.

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