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David Verdu

David Verdu, Upnotch mentor, is Founder and CEO of Way Beyond Measure, a leading Character Development Program. As a lifelong Educator and Award-Winning Coach, David Verdu founded Way Beyond Measure out of a desire to positively impact the minds and hearts of students, teachers, families, corporations, and communities of this nation. It is a school-wide, 1 Hour Character Awareness Program that covers bullying, suicide, depression, drugs and alcohol, sex, and self-esteem.

Known as “Coach Verdu” to thousands of people across the US, David is a charismatic and energetic speaker, author, singer, and has a knack for engaging his audience with a wide range of methods including comedy, dramatic storytelling, captivating videos, and, occasionally, a little sleight of hand. His unique style is both inspirational and profoundly insightful, and his message of Anti-Bullying and Character Development leaves a lasting impression upon audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

David joins Upnotch to continue in this tradition of helping others through coaching, mentoring and encouragement to grow and live a life that matters. He would be a great mentor to anyone looking for empowerment, no matter what stage in life they are in!

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