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Diana Kumar

Diana Kumar, Upnotch Member, is a retired Senior Director in Engineering.

Diana has 30 years experience in the computer software industry. Diana started with a computer science degree and after working as a software engineer and consultant she moved to Seattle 24 years ago. She spent 14 years at Microsoft in program management focusing on release and product operations and then joined Tableau software when it was still a 350 person start up.

During that time she helped scale up development and release processes as the company grew at a rapid pace until the acquisition by Salesforce in 2019. She also transitioned to managing larger, cross-discipline teams across product management and engineering as the company increased in size.

Since retiring, Diana has developed a passion for giving back and is eager to support and guide women in the tech industry, particularly in a male-dominated field. She understands the unique challenges faced by women in tech and is committed to providing the necessary support and guidance to help them thrive in their careers.

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