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Elizabeth MacEwan

Elizabeth MacEwan, Upnotch Member, is Production Services Lead, Global Revenue Enablement at Cloud Software Group.

With a background as a media specialist, high school and college librarian, and educator, Elizabeth transitioned into the corporate world in October 2021. She has worked in Partner enablement, focusing on course creation, webinars, resource curation, and business growth for Partner Account Managers.

Now, she collaborates with Enablement, Communications, and Process and Product Readiness teams to promote simplification, standardization, and automation across the business. Elizabeth holds two master's degrees: Educational Leadership and Supervision and Library Information Science.

Elizabeth would be an exceptional mentor to anyone switching careers, breaking into tech, moving into the corporate world, or in the early stages of their career. She is particularly passionate about helping people manage change, transferable skills, and overcoming imposter syndrome. Elizabeth is also seeking a mentor herself - someone experienced in channel, agile methodology, content creation, or video production.

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