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Enderson Leal

Enderson Leal, an Upnotch Member, serves as the Strategic Growth Manager LATAM at Fraudio, an innovative company that aids businesses in mitigating payment fraud and financial crime across the payment ecosystem.

Enderson is an experienced sales and business strategy professional, with a blended background in finance, advertising, and marketing. With extensive experience in driving growth and development for startups across the USA, Europe, and LATAM, he plays a key role as one of the first employees of Fraudio, contributing to the company's expansion in Europe and now spearheading its penetration into the Latin American market.

His expertise lies in designing and evaluating commercial structures for startups, fostering high-performance sales teams, and product localization for seamless product integration into the Latin American market. He also brings regional knowledge and high cultural competency, having worked in many different contexts. This skillset would make him an invaluable mentor for those wishing to enter and succeed in the LATAM market.

Enderson is seeking mentorship from someone who has successfully built a company from the ground up in the payments industry, providing a unique perspective that will add to his diverse experience. He is also very interested in learning more about the sport industry as he is currently working on a new venture idea related to sports.

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