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Jack Bicer

Jack Bicer, UpNotch Member, is a world-class inventor, CTO, and expert witness in software development.

With over 40 years of experience in the software world and 25 years as a CTO, Jack has a profound understanding of the industry. He ran his own software consulting company and has a proven track record in software development and cybersecurity. His expertise spans various sectors, including Fintech, Healthcare, IoT, and Cybersecurity, with a particular focus on risk-based management and proactive issue identification.

Jack has made significant contributions as an inventor, with his technologies being used by billions of people. Some of his notable inventions include Uninstall, Automatic Software Updates, Mobile Push Login, QR Login, and QR Payments, all of which have been patented.

He is also an avid stock market trader and passionate about teaching. He serves as a lecturer at several universities, sharing his knowledge and insights with aspiring professionals.

Jack loves mentoring and would be an excellent mentor to any passionate tech entrepreneur or CTO seeking guidance and expertise.

To connect with Jack, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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