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Jennifer Gardner

Jennifer Gardner, Upnotch Mentor, is the Head of Marketing at Workera, a startup helping enterprises, governments, and individuals unlock their full potential in data science, machine learning, and other AI technologies. She wears many hats as she is in charge of the go-to-market strategy, marketing and budget.

Jennifer is a self-taught creative, analytical, and technical leader and client marketing guru who works at the forefront of innovation in the fast-paced marketing world. She is an executive developing adaptive strategies that accelerate growth, solve complex business problems, and empower companies to thrive in hyper-competitive fields. She loves jumping into new challenges and would love to connect with someone who has done what she has done.

Jennifer is passionate about mentoring. She has mentored many people in the past and gets something out of it every time. She’d be an incredible mentor to anyone looking for advice in marketing or leadership and would particularly love to work with a woman who is transitioning back into the workforce.

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