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Jerome Connor

Jerome Connor, Upnotch Member, is the Coordinator of Alumni, Events, and Programming at Gaston College.

With a background in behavioral health and eight years of experience in residential and hospital settings, Jerome transitioned to higher education in 2019. In his current role, his responsibilities include developing a meaningful Alumni program, organizing fundraising events, and managing programs that benefit student scholars.

He organizes various events to benefit students and the community. These include alumni speakers sharing their success stories, scholarship dinners connecting donors and students, an annual 5K event for the food bank and general funds, a golf tournament supporting athletics, and a bowling tournament for the student emergency fund.

Jerome would be an excellent mentor for individuals seeking guidance in starting new programs, devising effective fundraising strategies, planning successful fundraisers, prospecting for donors, and enhancing alumni engagement. He is looking for a mentor himself - someone who can provide valuable insights and support in career advancement and professional development.

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