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John Coyne

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

John Coyne, Upnotch Member, is currently Solutions Architect for the Alexa Smart Properties team. He’s a results-oriented technical sales and business development professional with over 25 years of experience building relationships, solving complex technical challenges, and managing strategic alliances with customers, partners, and vendors.

John is an evangelist at heart. He’s experienced in presenting solutions to audiences of all sizes and is known for bringing a passion for technology to the negotiating table to close deals of all sizes. He has a well-rounded skill set that is technical but can shift to business/marketing focus with little effort. He quickly attains the role of “trusted advisor” to those he is working with and has developed exemplary customer relationship skills across all levels and functions.

John would love to find an executive-level mentor that will help him advance his career onto the next level. He’d also like to mentor professionals at the beginning stages of their career who are looking to move into management.

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