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Keeping Team Morale High in the Age of COVID-19

With COVID-19 social distancing measures in place around the world, many of us - as executives, business owners and professionals - are facing questions about how to keep team morale high. A panel of industry leaders and mentors have generously agreed to speak on some of those issues.

Guest Panelists:

  • Paul Eaton, Managing Director at Vet Voice Foundation (Former US Army Major General)

  • Alex Martinez, CEO at Lupa Bio

  • Josh Pepper, VP of Product at Axon

  • Gaetano Franceschi, Director/CFO at Amazon Games

  • Stephanie Goetz, Founder & CEO at Goetz Communications

  • Dennis Marvel, Founder & CEO at Inspirit Leadership

  • Peter Biddle, Co-Founder at MODICA Microindustries


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