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Kevin Cussen

Kevin Cussen, Upnotch Member, is the Product Lead for the LiteFarm project at The University of British Columbia, an open-source web app to advance sustainability science and help farmers improve their financial and environmental management.

As a product leader with broad tech experience, Kevin excels in building products and cross-functional teams at any point in the product life cycle. He is well-versed in developing web, mobile, and API-based solutions, and his expertise also encompasses blockchain, IoT, and cryptography.

With a career that began as a software engineer, Kevin's journey led him to volunteer in Namibia as part of a government program, where he provided IT support for two years. He later pursued an MBA and made a successful transition to product management. He has contributed to several startups, including ventures in the crypto and pharmaceutical sectors. He also has a consulting business on the side.

Kevin would be an exceptional mentor for early-career product managers, project managers, and computer science graduates who are still exploring their career paths. He is also looking for a mentor himself - someone with experience in the non-profit space, scaling a business, and ideally with expertise with freemium models.

To connect with Kevin, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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