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Klaire Baek

Updated: Mar 28

Klaire Baek, Upnotch Member and Senior Manager of Engineering at GitHub.

Klaire Baek, Upnotch Member, is Senior Manager of Engineering at GitHub.

She has a strong history of contributing to the scalability of products. Klaire is recognized as a technical, forward-thinking people leader with profound expertise spanning finance, sales, marketing, and product management. Her passion lies in cultivating top-tier engineering teams, placing emphasis on fostering a culture of excellence, performance, accessibility, and continuous process enhancement.

She started her career as an accountant, driven by a profound interest in technology, she pursued a Master's degree, facilitating her transition into the tech industry.

Klaire would make an exceptional mentor for aspiring engineering women keen on progressing into managerial roles. She is also looking for a mentor herself - a leader who can provide guidance on her career progression or a seasoned engineering professional who transitioned into diverse leadership roles.

To connect with Klaire, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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