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Laurie Holloway

Laurie Holloway, Upnotch Member, is the Chief of Staff and Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at Genzeon, a tech solutions company for healthcare and retail industries.

Her professional journey spans over two decades in finance, complemented by more than 15 years of active engagement in executive leadership, where she channeled her skills to drive organizational achievements. She specializes in leading cross-functional teams, managing operations, and developing and implementing enterprise strategy. Laurie recently transitioned to the tech industry and took her expertise to a new field.

She truly values human connection. Her strength is in understanding people's unique traits and perspectives and helping them uncover their true potential.

With a passion for mentoring and coaching, Laurie is an ideal guide for those contemplating their next career move, especially amidst industry shifts. She is also looking for her own mentor - someone with experience as a Chief of Staff or in leading corporate strategy, either currently in the role or having successfully transitioned, offering insights to refine strategies in her evolving role.

To connect with Laurie, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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