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Lisabeth Uranga

Lisabeth Uranga, Upnotch member, is a Senior Customer Success Analyst at Extreme Networks, a leader in cloud networking focused on delivering services that connect devices, applications, and people in new ways.

She has taken a unique path to get to where she is today. Starting in health and kinesiology, she has since worked in state government, technology, and the private sector. Throughout her career, she has always made data-driven decisions, basing everything she does on baseline metrics and driving meaningful change.

Lisabeth would be a great mentor for anyone looking for guidance on how to find and define their own path, especially if they are early in their career and want to pivot industries. She is passionate about helping others and providing the necessary support to help them succeed.

She is also seeking mentorship for her own career growth. She is deciding between people and program management and is looking for guidance on how to take the next step.

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