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Liselot Poppink

Liselot Poppink, Upnotch Member, is the Leader EMEA Professional Services at Gitlab, a DevSecOps Platform.

Starting as a software developer, she has become a seasoned leader in various roles such as COO, Managing Director, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, and EMEA Services Director. With a broad background, an entrepreneurial mindset, and innovative energy, Liselot has developed her own leadership style built upon servant leadership and trust. Today, she has over 30 years of IT experience within Professional Services.

In the last five years, Liselot has been working in an all-remote and asynchronous environment, gaining valuable experience in managing teams across different locations and time zones.

Liselot is an ideal mentor for anyone seeking career advancements in an international and distributed environment, and striving for (higher) management roles.

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