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Liz Parrish, CEO of BioViva is Curing Diseases Through Gene Therapy

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Liz Parrish speaks to Dr. Jason Williams about the challenges and solutions faced by the scientific & medical communities.

In this episode of Mentor to Mentor Talks, we meet Dr. Jason R Williams MD, Director of Interventional Oncology and Immunotherapy and Elizabeth Parrish, Entrepreneur, patient advocate and CEO at BioViva.

Jason’s main focus is cancer research with a special interest in gene therapy and anti-aging. He was a mentor to Liz when she was driven by personal circumstances to create BioViva, a patient advocacy company for stem cell research.

During this Talk, Jason and Liz cover a number of fascinating areas, including:

  • The problems and challenges they face as members of the scientific and medical communities - including regulatory obstacles, risk aversion etc.

  • How Jason helped Liz understand the medical side to her mission

  • How Liz got Jason’s research to the patients that need it by promoting it and through patient advocacy

  • How joining forces in a mentorship allowed them to reach their individual objectives more efficiently

  • How Covid 19 is reshaping medicine and research and how it will shake-up the future of our healthcare system.


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