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Malay Kapoor

Malay Kapoor, Upnotch Member, is Global Talent Partner at Mknetwork, a boutique human capital consultancy firm with a niche focus on talent search for healthcare and tech roles within business operations.

He is a talent management strategist and career pivoting expert with a multifaceted background that spans across the public, private, and international non-profit sectors. Through his strategic roles, he has orchestrated the alignment of people's potential with businesses, operating on an international canvas. His core passion revolves around fostering capacity building at both individual and institutional levels, underscoring his commitment to holistic growth.

With a Masters in Psychology, he started his career as an I/O psychologist, running his own practice in India. Transitioning to Dubai, he held the role of Senior Aviation Psychologist with Emirates Airlines, responsible for ensuring the fitness of pilots and engineers for flight operations. He later moved to Canada, where he ventured into the realm of HR management before transitioning into technical recruiting 8 years ago. His experience includes collaborations with industry giants including Amazon, Telus, and Microsoft.

Malay would be an excellent mentor to any professional going through a career transition and looking for guidance and support.

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