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Matt Millen

Matt Millen, Upnotch Mentor, co-founded after 30 years of sales and leadership experience. REGIE is an advanced software that blends the art of language and the science of delivery to create, test, and analyze personalized prospecting email campaigns to help convert prospecting activity into qualified sales opportunities.

An expert at implementing sales strategy, defining customer experience, establishing and managing sales process, Matt’s success at T-Mobile, Robbins Research Intl,, FLEXE, and Sapper Consulting is proof that his drive, determination, and will to win are unprecedented. Everywhere Matt goes - records get broken.

No goal is beyond Matt’s reach, and he motivates his teams to reach their objectives by inspiring them personally and managing them professionally. Matt is driven to elevate the skills of his managers and sales teams to more effectively drive revenue. He’d ideally love to work with entrepreneurs and executives building go-to-market strategies or those who want advice on leadership and the sales process.

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