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Meet Risa, Career Advisor & Mentor on Upnotch

Risa Zenno, Upnotch Mentor

Risa (pronounced Lisa) Zenno, Upnotch Mentor, is a Senior Academic Advisor at the University of Washington, fostering students' academic and personal growth within the Foster School of Business.

As an Adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK) raised across diverse geographies, Risa possesses a unique ability to swiftly adapt to new environments, a skill she's seamlessly integrated into her multifaceted professional journey. With a background spanning Student Affairs, Education Consulting, and Campus Operations, Risa excels in cross-functional and intercultural collaboration.

She thrives in wearing multiple hats, having led expansive teams, designed effective processes, and provided guidance to students. Her enthusiasm lies in crafting team culture and refining systems to amplify operational efficiency. Her current role focuses on advising undergraduate students, encouraging them to challenge assumptions and reshape their academic journey both inside and outside the classrooms. She integrates intercultural competence into her interactions, encouraging diverse perspectives on culture and the world.

Outside academia, Risa engages in local endeavors, including collaborating with a food truck company, Midnite Ramen, showcasing her passion for diverse interests alongside her full-time role.

Risa would be an invaluable mentor for early career professionals, career changers, or individuals navigating transitions, offering guidance and insights.

To connect with Risa, check out his profile All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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