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Meet Sameera, Technical Leadership Mentor on Upnotch

Updated: Jun 6

Sameera Perera, Upnotch Mentor

Sameera Perera, Upnotch Member, is the Director of Research and Development at Celigo.

With 20 years of experience in the tech industry, Sameera has played pivotal roles in startup and mid-market enterprise tech companies. He possesses a unique blend of technical engineering proficiency coupled with robust leadership capabilities, establishing a reputation for transforming struggling engineering teams into highly effective, cross-functional organizations. He has led divisions of 50+ engineers, implementing remote-first teams across multiple continents, driving remarkable growth in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), sometimes up to 500%.

His areas of expertise span Technical Leadership, Product Management, Distributed Systems Architecture, Agile Methodologies, and Coaching & Mentoring. He is passionate about team-building and nurturing individual growth.

Sameera would be an exceptional mentor for first-time managers in the tech industry.

To connect with Sameera, check out his profile All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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