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Meet Sara, Leadership Mentor on Upnotch

Sara Livingstone, Upnotch Mentor

Sara Livingstone, Upnotch Member, is an inspirational leader with a 12-year career marked by navigating complex business strategies for global enterprises.

From her humble beginnings as an underdog who self-taught her way to success, Sara embodies innovation and resilience. Her journey from a challenging background to becoming a trailblazer reflects her commitment to overcoming obstacles and inspiring others to do the same.

Her career spans pivotal roles in both B2C and B2B SaaS domains. At the pre-IPO tech unicorn Zenoti, she showcased not only her business acumen but also her empathy and passion for fostering exceptional employee experiences. In her rapid ascent to acting Vice President of Marketing within 9 months, Sara steered executive decisions while prioritizing team culture and collaboration.

Before Zenoti, she made significant contributions at Best Buy Canada, demonstrating prowess in product leadership, strategic partnerships, and digital programs. Her achievements include substantial revenue growth and spearheading initiatives that transformed web sales across chainwide stores.

What sets her apart is not just her impressive qualifications and earned experiences, but her compassionate leadership style. Her innate altruism and passion for people drive her to mentor individuals at all career levels, especially those seeking guidance in transitioning from individual contributors to managerial roles or assembling high-performing teams.

Sara's focus on employee experiences, her empathetic approach, and her dedication to nurturing talent make her an invaluable mentor for those navigating career transitions and aiming to create engaging team cultures. She'd love to mentor anyone seeking guidance in navigating ambiguity, harnessing innovation, and fostering personal and professional growth, where her interpersonal skills and compassionate leadership truly shine.

To connect with Sara, check out her profile All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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