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Michael Yinger

Michael Yinger, Upnotch Mentor, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Resume Sieve and an expert in Global Leadership, Talent Acquisition, and Business and Strategic Operations both in the US and internationally.

He’s a superb all-around leader and visionary who’s skilled at looking at the big picture and doing what’s right for the client or organization. With direct experience managing technical as well as strategic initiatives in traditional or matrix management environments, his leadership style is one of a true mentor, paying close attention to every team member’s needs, capitalizing on their strengths and nurturing them to overcome challenges, all while respecting the strategic objectives of the organization.

A mentor for many years, Michael is humble, personable, and inspiring. He fully appreciates the symbiotic relationship in a mentorship where both parties benefit from each other and would be a wonderful guide for any entrepreneur or executive focused on leadership and talent acquisition.

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