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Michele Heyward

Updated: Mar 28

Michele Heyward, Upnotch Member and Founder & CEO of PositiveHire.

Michele Heyward, Upnotch Member, is the Founder & CEO of PositiveHire, dedicated to empowering underrepresented women in STEM fields.

Hailing from rural South Carolina, Michele's journey from a quiet upbringing to becoming a confident leader showcases her remarkable transformation. Despite her initial aversion to coding in school, her love for math and its boundless possibilities steered her toward a career in Civil Engineering. 

Her career spans the construction and energy sectors, where she excelled as a construction project manager, notably in building power grids. Her experience shaped her innovative perspective in tech as she founded PositiveHire. She is passionate about empowering Black, Latina, and Indigenous women in STEM. 

As a Certified ISO-30415 Diversity & Inclusion Professional, Michele works closely with organizations to create equitable and inclusive workplaces. Her commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity drives her every endeavor.

Michele would be an invaluable mentor for women in engineering, especially those in the early and mid-stages of their careers. She is also a mentor herself - an entrepreneur or founder in the HR tech space to further enhance her expertise and expand PositiveHire's impact.

To connect with Michele, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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