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Murat Wahab

Murat Wahab, Upnotch Mentor, is the Founder and Principal of Hakim Saya, a San Francisco-based boutique business finance consulting firm.

He started from scratch but, full of ambition, quickly climbed the corporate ladder and is now an entrepreneur. He is a seasoned commercial banker, hotelier and business advisor.

Murat named the company he founded after his late nephew, Hakim, whom he considered a son and who died in a tragic car accident at the age of 16 in 2018.

He knows he wouldn’t be where he is today without the help and guidance of his mentors. That’s why he loves mentoring and believes in paying it forward.

He’d love to mentor founders of early stage startups who he can advise on business development and on putting together a pitch deck. In addition, he can also provide incredible insight for any professional in the hospitality or finance industry.

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