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Nancee Johnson

Nancee Johnson, Upnotch Member, has 15+ years of experience in the tech industry and 10+ years in strategy planning. She joined WSI as a digital marketing strategist and independent agency owner in 2020.

Prior to WSI, Nancee worked for Microsoft in a multitude of Program and Communications Manager roles. During her 15-year tenure, she played an instrumental role in the creation and implementation of the internal websites supporting the procurement and administrative functions across the worldwide organization, receiving the Microsoft Corporate Finance Services Impact Award, All-Star, and All-Star Team Awards.

Right now, Nancee wants to connect with a mentor who can advise her on how to grow WSI, where she assists business owners, CEOs, and marketing executives in leveraging the power of the internet and helps businesses of all sizes make smart choices with their marketing budgets.

Nancee also loves mentoring herself and would be delighted to advise any entrepreneur or young executive about their digital marketing strategy.

Download Upnotch on iPhone or Android to connect with Nancee or contact us. *All mentorships are free.*

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