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Nancy Martin

Nancy Martin, Upnotch member, has over 7 years of experience as a Life Transition & Career Coach. She has also made momentous career changes of her own over a 20-year career spanning engineering, environmental policy, business development, and management.

Nancy firmly believes in the power of mentoring and finds it an incredible honor to have a window into the world of people who are eager to make positive life changes that stand the test of time.

Currently, Nancy works with mid-and executive-level professionals, established business owners, and more, who are navigating a major pivotal point in their life. She helps them unwind burnout, untangle their worries and doubts, get clear on what they most want, and take deliberate, bold action to move forward with confidence and ease.

Nancy would be a wonderful mentor for any professional looking for directional help on a career transition or in growing in and beyond their current role with meaning, impact, and joy.

For herself, Nancy would like to find a mentor who is a business owner and with knowledge in branding, web presence, and marketing.

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