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Nehal Mehta

Nehal Mehta, Upnotch mentor, is a mathematician, statistician, astute software engineer, and security researcher skilled in strategic planning, cyber defense, and two-factor authentication. She’s also an accomplished entrepreneur.

As President of Rainbow Secure, she designs security solutions that help businesses keep secure from hackers. Throughout her career, Nehal has secured patents worldwide on innovative technologies & solutions that help businesses & customers enjoy the benefits of digital transformation.

Her approach to cybersecurity is unique in that it breaks the chain of complex cyber problem-solving down to one style+color solution. She has successfully partnered with Microsoft, Google, IBM, and other prestigious platforms.

Nehal is interested in sharing her expertise by being a mentor to someone who is starting their own business and is also looking for a mentor with a background in sales who can help guide her to the next level of business entrepreneurship.

Download Upnotch on iPhone or Android to connect with Nehal or contact us. *All mentorships are free.*

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