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Nigel Postings

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Nigel Postings, Upnotch Member, is the Managing Partner at bizcise, a data services provider focused on helping clients maximize the value of their Channel Partners.

An experienced channel executive who has worked with global brands, Nigel is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about his industry.

A true believer in lifelong learning and knowledge-sharing, he would be an excellent mentor for any entrepreneur or executive who’s interested in technology or wants to set up international channel business partners.

Nigel would also like to connect with a mentor himself. Someone who has already built a business or run a startup and can advise him as he embarks on the same journey. His company bizcise is growing year on year, already in 2021 year to date, surpassing 2020 revenue, and he’s keen to keep the momentum going and map out their next steps - including when to approach people for investment, hire their next employee, etc

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