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Patricio Larrea

Patricio Larrea (he/him), Upnotch Member, is COO at The Humphrey Group, a company that works with leaders to help them inspire through how they communicate.

He is a sales expert, has built markets from scratch, and has led a variety of sales teams over his career. Patricio has a diverse cultural background - originally from Ecuador, has worked in multiple countries in Latin America, and is now in Vancouver, Canada.

Prior to his career in sales, Patricio was in construction and design. He is actually an architect by training but turned to sales about 12 years ago.

Patricio truly believes in mentorship and would be an amazing mentor to anyone in sales, communication, or operations. He is also looking for a mentor himself - someone who has a lot of experience as a COO and can provide guidance and support as he embarks on his first years in the role.

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