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Paul Dobson

Paul Dobson, Upnotch Member, is Senior Director of Communication and Marketing at Citrix, a multinational cloud computing, networking, and virtualization technology company.

He is an accomplished global communications and marketing leader with experience running corporate and product communications campaigns for enterprise technology companies such as Dell, Citrix, HP, IBM, and Check Point.

Paul has run multi-million dollar integrated communications, social media, and change management programs both in the US as well as in EMEA and Asia-Pacific, with excellent leadership skills across international borders for both in-house and agency teams.

He’s lived and worked in multiple countries, such as Sweden, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the US, among others and speaks many languages.

A strong believer in continuous learning and mentoring, Paul would love to mentor anyone in marketing and communication or someone interested in an international career. He is also looking for a mentor himself - someone that has gone from a director level to VP in marketing.

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