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Personal Advisory Board

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be successful in every area of their lives? How do they do it?!

The answer is simple - they have the right advisors to guide them.

There are lots of studies out there that talk about the importance of mentoring to support career and personal development but even they often overlook the fact that it’s actually very hard for one mentor to meet all of an individual’s developmental needs.

The Solution: Build a Personal Advisory Board of Mentors.

Surround yourself with superstars who excel in specific areas! A single mentor can only help you with problems and challenges that they have experience with. But a personal advisory board can help you in all areas of your life and career. They can get you to the next level and help you to perform your best.

What Exactly is a Personal Advisory Board?

A Personal Advisory Board is a group of people you can go to for advice every time you come across an area you're a bit shaky on. They are the people who have expertise in the areas you need and the people who can provide you with critical information and support at defining moments. In short, a Personal Advisory Board is a network you can turn to and lean on - a network with different perspectives and experiences.

Every member of your Personal Advisory Board serves a different purpose - working together to become the “perfect mentor” for you.

Speaking to experts about the things you’re focusing on learning right now can supercharge your progress and help you make the right decisions - especially in areas that you might not have a lot of experience in yourself.

How to create your Personal Advisory Board?

If you’re interested in creating a Personal Advisory Board, Upnotch can help. Start by taking a few small steps:

  • Clarify your goals (personal/professional) and identify your strengths and weaknesses

  • List the skills you need to work on, the areas you need help in or the gaps in your knowledge.

  • Send us that list and we’ll make recommendations or look directly on Upnotch for people who can help you fill those gaps.

  • Reach out to those people on Upnotch, ask them to start a conversation and start building relationships!

  • For the first meeting or call, stick to a few specific questions and try not to take up a lot of time. If you like the feedback you're getting, seem to get along well and the mentor leaves the door open for further contact, then be sure to ask them to be part of your personal advisory board.

  • Always be brief, polite and remember to send a short thank-you note after that first meeting.

  • Refresh your board as you grow. Your needs, interests, and network will change over time and you shouldn’t be afraid of temporarily shifting your focus onto the mentors who are best placed to guide you at that moment. Allow your network to evolve and change!

The ideal number of mentors to include in your personal advisory board is five or six people. We recommend that your board is as diverse as possible to ensure you’re getting the most well-rounded advice and perspective possible.

Important Tip!

Frequency of interaction doesn’t need to be the same with every member of your board. Sometimes, you’ll talk to someone to ask a question and find that you hit it off and schedule another call right away. Other times, you might have just one question every 6 months. And then there are the times when you might need a more “formal” mentorship i.e. someone you meet with regularly on a set schedule you both determine.

An Investment in Yourself

The time you spend investing in a Personal Advisory Board is incredibly worthwhile. Having one will accelerate your growth, amplify your strengths and help you achieve better results much faster than without one. Any time you find an area of your life that needs improvement - you’ll have someone ready to help.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Download Upnotch to start building your Personal Advisory Board today!

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