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Renee Mitchell

Renee Mitchell, Upnotch Member, is Managing Director at Tandem Innovation Group, a company that supports start-up companies in launch, growth, RTO/IPO, acquisition, and succession phases.

With a non linear trajectory, an entrepreneurial mindset and experience that spans government, education, retail, engineering and professional services industries, Renee found her niche building and growing consulting firms. Blending a background in both business and design, she takes a creative and design-influenced approach to solving problems.

She is currently going back to school to get a bachelor’s degree, working full-time and running an independent consulting practice on the side.

Renee is passionate about mentorship and would love to mentor anyone trying to switch careers and are not sure how to approach it or anyone new to Canada and looking for guidance. She is also looking for a mentor herself - someone in finance with a consulting background, ideally a CFO or CEO.

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