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Sarah Austin

Sarah Austin, Upnotch Member, is the Chief People Officer at The Ardent Company, an independent global drinks accelerator changing the way the world drinks. Through long-term growth capital, hands-on coaching, and access to an expansive network of industry experts, they fuel founders of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks brands to build the boldest version of their vision.

With a passion for all things related to attracting, hiring, and retaining exceptional talent, Sarah has cultivated a rich and diverse career in HR across various industries and company sizes, spanning the spectrum of growth stages.

Fueled by her belief in understanding the importance of talent playing a key role in the success of any business, she is dedicated to helping both teams and individuals unlock their best and boldest potential.

Sarah loves the impact that being a mentor, coaching and resource has on others and would be a wonderful mentor to anyone seeking to develop into effective managers and leaders, discuss career growth, effective communication/soft skill development or strategize for business and team growth.

To connect with Sarah, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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