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Scott Morton & Paul Malhi on how COVID is Impacting the Consulting Industry

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Scott & Paul discuss adapting to remote working, the changing pace of business and creating new opportunities.

In this Mentor to Mentor Talk, we meet Scott Morton, Account Director, and Senior Marketing Consultant at Red Cloud Consulting and Paul Malhi, VP of Client Services, at Murphy and Associates.

Scott and Paul discuss how COVID has impacted the consulting industry, the individual challenges they’ve faced, and the solutions they’ve come up with.

  • Adapting to working from home & via virtual platforms

  • The changing pace of business

  • Maximizing newfound downtime

  • Which direction the pendulum is swinging in

They also discuss the best advice they got from their mentors about the current situation, including:

  • Adapt quickly!

  • Make virtual meetings memorable

  • Use the slower pace of business to your advantage

  • Be intentional in your leadership

  • Don’t be afraid to be professionally vulnerable


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