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Shawn Miller

Shawn Miller, Upnotch member looking for an experienced mentor to help him manage a career transition. After 16 years with Philips Healthcare in a market research/marketing role, he is currently doing some consulting while looking for his next opportunity. He is an experienced mentor and mentee, having been engaged in the mentoring program at Philips as a mentoring trainer, mentor and mentee. The advantage of working with Shawn is to be able to “pay it forward” – as what you invest in Shawn he will be able to invest in others through his volunteer work with mentoring.

Shawn is currently working with two companies as a consultant helping them in the market research and marketing areas. His background is 30+ years of medical device healthcare with Philips, GE and Kodak. He is doing volunteer work at a food bank and at an organization that helps with citizen engagement in the political arena.

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